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Enjoy an inspirational journey through the Land of African Kings and Queens!!



Welcome to NuBiAh!! 

An Extraordinary Black History Month Event for the Entire Family! 

See the compelling stage play musical that emphasizes key values, principles and traits practiced by HUMBLE African kings and queens who made significant accomplishments to history. This incredible showcase highlights legendary rulers who triumphed over major life obstacles to become successful.

Your narrator "the Griot" is a charismatic storyteller who's recurring theme “Listen to the Drum” inspires all to look deep inside for the candle that burns within to identify their own passion & purpose to realize their full potential.  

Stage Play Story Line:

High school track & field ALL CITY athletes Sunny and Sydney are eager to graduate High School to fulfill a full ride scholarships to the same college. Along their journey obstacles and traps get in their way.

Their final high school graduation assignment is to write their best paper on the NuBiAh Wax Museum Exhibit and to emphasize how the values communicated can lead to success (before and after college).

Within the first phase of the exhibit they meet a charismatic Griot (storyteller) who’s mission is to keep them focused on realizing their college admission and matriculation goals. 

While guiding them through the exhibit he narrates the importance of passion as it applied to legendary kings and queens. Along the way each king and queen magically comes to life to tell their own story of values, principles & success strategies through spoken word poetry, song and dance.

Collectively all kings & queens contribute to a list of ”the 7 Best Laws of Success" practiced today by many entrepreneurs worldwide.  By the end of the exhibit Sunny and Sydney learn new values that become key to their success. The Griot also provides them with a secret regiment used to ward off negative inner city vices.

NuBiAh is an empowering play that inspires people to embrace their rich heritage for a greater sense of self-value and self-worth. The history lessons taught within are profound. 

See the motivating stage play where real kings and queens overcame major obstacles in order to earn their own place in history.



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